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15 things good principals do

15 things good principals do

Good school principals do good things:

1. When. When they greet everyone with a smile and a happy "Good Morning."

2. When they call out the name of the person they greet in the morning.

3. When they visit each classroom everyday to look in on the students.

4. When they walk the halls of the school to see that everyone is in class.

5. When they talk to the school custodian and ask about his/her family.

6. When they walk around the play areas and talk to the students.

7. When they make the day's announcements over the sound system with a cheerful tone of voice.

8. When they act with gently when called out on the school grounds to see how badly a child might have been hurt.

9. When they speak kindly in a call a parent whose child has been behaving badly.

10. When they greet and say goodbye to students who have to get on the school bus to go to their homes.

11. When they go to the lost and found box to get a child a jacket to keep him or her warm when they go out to the play area on a cold day.

12. When they have a parent conference with a mother whose child has been ill with swine flu.

13. When they speak softly to students as a bad storm approaches the school and they can't send them home at the regular dismissal time.

14. When they cheerfully announce that the school year has ended and they will come back to their new teachers next fall.

15. When they speak kindly to the students to say goodbye when they retire from the principalship.

15 things good principals do

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